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Tips for Teachers to Execute an Awesome Field Trip

It’s already October, so educators everywhere are turning their thoughts to field trips.  Class excursions serve an important purpose in educating young people and teachers understand that.  But new teachers, or those who have had some unfortunate mishaps in the field, may grow pale at the thought of getting their kids out into the world.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips for teachers to execute an awesome field trip.  Field trips should be fun for educators too, and can be if you follow these tips.

Find support.

There’s nothing of greater value than the support of peers.  Even if you’ve never taken your students to a popular local destination before, your colleagues have.  Once you’ve determined where you’re taking them, seek out fellow teachers who’ve been there and solicit their counsel.

It’s also wise to take advantage of the knowledge of people at your target site, like visitor services professionals and museum docents.  These people are prime resources when taking your class into the field.  They can share key information with you to make your field trip a truly stellar learning experience.

Managing chaperones.

Parent chaperones sometimes have their own ideas about the way things should go.  Input is appreciated, but it’s crucial you make it clear that you’re the person in charge.

Meet with your chaperones before the field trip to discuss the itinerary and divvy up duties.  Getting everyone on the same page helps you avoid misunderstandings.  You’re the teacher.  Chaperones play a supportive role to your leadership.


Direct experience of the site you’re visiting before you go is important.  You need to know where you’re going, identify potential snags and understand the site from the perspective of your educational goals.

Walking through it in your spare time comes with the territory.  It will prepare you to share direct knowledge with your students that’s gleaned from your own experience, and eliminate any unforeseen surprises when you go.

Learning is the goal.

Establishing behavioral guidelines before your field trip is a priority.  Your students need to be told that field trips aren’t the time to text their friends, or pursue the crush of the moment.  You’re taking them somewhere to support their learning.

A strongly defined itinerary can help with that.  Keep the lunch break brief and engaging.  Talk to your students while you’re all eating.  Ask for their comments about what they’ve experienced on their field trip, so far.  Don’t let them wander off.  Keep them thinking.

Peak Performance Tours.

Field trips don’t have to be a daunting experience.  They can be instructive, fun and entirely manageable, with the right planning and preparation.

The professionals at Peak Performance Tours provide expert logistical support for teachers planning field trips and excursions of all kinds.   We’ve been taking students on unforgettable learning experiences for two decades.

With extensive knowledge of vendors and attractions at all the destinations we visit, we provide you with expert, insider insight.

We hope these tips for teachers for an awesome field trip are helpful.  Contact us for more!

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