University Circle. Fountain outside Museum of Art, Cleveland

Top Things to Do In Cleveland on Your Tour

Renowned as prime example of urban revitalization, Cleveland, Ohio is one of America’s “comeback kids”.  Now home to economic drivers like a burgeoning health care sector, Cleveland is a vibrant urban area, featuring extraordinarily beautiful parks and diverse attractions.

University Circle.

One of Cleveland’s most bustling, hip areas, University Circle’s claim to fame is the diversity of sectors represented here, from health care, to education, culture and the arts.

Euclid and Mayflower is the beating heart of University Circle, located close to downtown Cleveland.  With its artistic and cultural offerings, it borders a historic area which is home to a plethora of 19th Century homes, now converted into chic hotels.

Cleveland Museum of Art.

Cleveland Museum of Art

One of the most exalted and highly-respected museums in the USA, this facility hosts a collection of over 30,000 works, boasting a historical sweep of more than 5 millennia.  From ancient Egypt to the masterworks of Europe and the beauty of African art, students of the arts will find much to admire here.

West Side Market.

The last of Cleveland’s three great markets, the West Side Market was constructed in 1912.  Like its now defunct fellows, it was built to serve the burgeoning immigrant communities of the city.

With over 100 vendors on site, students will be fascinated by the diverse goods on offer, from fruit and vegetables, to baked goods and full, prepared meals, this not-to-be-missed attraction provides both a window into Cleveland’s past and a delicious place to sample local food.

International Women’s Air and Space Museum.

International Women’s Air and Space Museum

This attraction is just for the sisters of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).  Young women with an interest in and vocation for these disciplines can experience the work of women pioneers here.

Thrilling to the knowledge that many women have achieved great things in the areas of space exploration and aviation, your female students will find inspirational motivation in this sterling facility.

Little Italy.

Italian sculptor, Joseph Carrabelli popularized the area in the 1880s, producing numerous works sculpted in marble and granite at his Mayfield Road studio.  He was followed by new arrivals from Italy and a neighborhood rich with the flavors and culture of the Italian peninsula was established.

Feast of the Assumption, Cleveland

Depending on the time of year you visit, you’ll find Little Italy alive with festivals like the Feast of the Assumption, providing a sumptuous glimpse of life as it once was for the Italian community.  At any time of year, this bustling neighborhood offers art galleries, coffee shops and delis – echoes of a past which lives on in the descendants of its first residents.

These top things to do in Cleveland on your tour are just the beginning of this revitalized city’s offerings for teachers and students.  This is the city which inspired film director John Waters to create such cult celluloid gems as Hairspray.

How can it not be a fascinating place for your students to explore and learn from?

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