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Creating the final memory that lasts

Moving on from high school is a major life milestone, and students are always hoping to cap it off with a bang. Leaving behind the last four years of your life can be tough, for students and teachers alike. With new paths, new futures, and new destinations in store for everyone involved, it only makes sense to send your students off with a proper farewell.

Try to remember your favorite memories from your high school and university days. What made those memories better than most? What made them special, unforgettable, and unique?

Give your students a memory that will last a lifetime with a senior trip they’ll never forget. With proper planning and execution, you can turn any senior trip into one your students will be talking about forever.

Becoming More Than Just Students

Seniors will be looking to spend every last moment of their high school life taking it all in. Even the most cynical of the bunch will see that this chapter of their life is over, and use their remaining time as an opportunity to make the most of their friendships. But these friendships need to grow beyond their student lives.

We plan our senior trips with that in mind—cementing the bonds between students and peers. We give your community the environment to truly let loose and see each other in a different light: not just as students, but as buddies, colleagues, and friends.

Something Different for Everyone

senior trip has to be more than just a trip to the beach or a party before graduation. There needs to be the elements that transform it from just a regular day out of school to an event that your peers will never forget.

At Peak Performance, we make sure to find that right formula that gets the most out of your students and peers. We assess your needs and craft the perfect grad trip that will suit your community in the best way possible. We will add those extra little touches that will truly make this an experience worth having.

The Benefits of Senior Trips

Capping off high school the right way is vital towards making sure your students have the best possible leap to the next chapter of their lives. Remember: your students are young and impressionable, and sending them off the right way and making sure they remember high school with positive memories is your final responsibility. Students who struggle with leaving high school might deal with some of the following issues:

The Peak Performance Process: How We Plan Awesome Senior Trips That Work

Need some help figuring out your next senior trip? Here’s a short guide for your convenience.

Figuring out the Client

The most important part of all this is you. Our first step involves assessing your senior class’ needs and figuring out the best way to get the most out of this trip. Our tour coordinators will work directly with your school representatives and help you figure out all the major details: from your budget parameters to your desired activities and senior trip ideas. We make sure that all your plans are solid, back and front. The last thing you want is a little missed detail messing up the entire event.

Expanding Your Vision

We’re not just here to help you execute your plan—we’re here to help you expand your vision. We will take a look at your budget and desired activities and events and suggest to you the best possible options, getting the most experience out of your time and money. We will conduct all the research necessary to have a complete understanding and estimate of every possible option, considering the length of your graduation trip, your location, the size of your group, and your budget. Rest assured—when you leave it to professional planners, we will know how to give you a good time.

Research, Research, Research

After we’ve assessed your plan and tightened up the loose ends, we then put in the proper research to make sure everything on paper can work out the way we expect. We’ll engage with all necessary third parties, from suppliers to transportation. If anything won’t work, isn’t available, or needs to be tweaked, we will be ready to tackle it long before the big day.

Bringing it all to Life

With everything planned, we turn paper into reality. We will take care of everything, from transportation to hotel reservations to meals to any other tickets or permits you might need. This is your trip—just sit back and relax, and we’re ready to give you that 5-star experience you need to have the best trip with your friends. Why spend your senior trips planning and stressing out, when we can do all the heavy lifting for you?

How to Plan an Awesome Senior Trip

Need some help figuring out your next senior trip? Here’s a short guide for your convenience.

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