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Take the Classroom Outside this Fall

It’s no secret that curious young minds demand creativity from teaching professionals.  That’s why taking the classroom outside this fall is the perfect way to reinforce classroom learning with direct experience.

Looking at a picture of something in a book, or reading about historical figures doesn’t compare to taking students to see that “something” in real life, or to the site where history was made.  We needn’t explain why to educators.

Fall is the perfect time to take your class into the world your students are learning about.  With the leaves taking on their brilliant fall colors and the crisp fall air crackling, fall field trips give your students the opportunity to see learning from a different perspective.

Real life learning.

Young people can glaze over in the classroom. Whether the cause is youthful angst or boredom, occasional classroom disengagement calls for a serious change in approach.  It’s clear that shaking things up by taking the classroom outside this fall is a great way to restore student interest.

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Taking them into the field is an inspirational way to clear out those classroom cobwebs.  Real life learning experiences give students 3D access to what they’re learning about, bringing it to vibrant life.

Direct experience of the subject matter you’re teaching has incredible power.  It’s a pivotal occasion for young minds and one that will help them excel in an institutional setting.

Hands on and exploratory.

While the classroom is an important tool, teaching students self-regulation, time-keeping and personal responsibility, enhancing classroom time with hands on, exploratory learning makes it more intense.  It instills in your students a sense of accountability and highlights their role in the learning process.

You can take your students to a historic site, but having them act out the roles of history’s movers and shakers put them right in the action.  Field learning gives your students the chance to explore and to learn creatively.

The world is full of information that might be read or viewed, but that information is one-dimensional.  Only the genuine article can truly ignite the imagination.

Experience is precious.

Book learning is fundamental, but it’s also conceptual.  It’s the difference between being a spectator and participating in the subject.

Treating your students to a living learning experience is immediate and powerful.  When classroom learning is suddenly in front of them as a living reality, it becomes much more resonant.

The purpose of learning is brought into sharp focus when students can explore and experience the subjects they’re studying.

Peak Performance Tours.

Peak Performance Tours has been creating memorable educational experiences for students for two decades.  With logistical expertise and a vast knowledge of destination vendors and attractions, we make learning fun.

Take the classroom outside this fall, with Peak.  We create educational experiences which honor teaching professionals’ goals and reveal to students that the world truly is their oyster.

When you go with Peak, you go with two decades of experience in outstanding student field trips and tours.

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