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Orchestra Trips

Marching Straight To Glory

A marching band without the actual marching is just like any other band. Highlight their unique talents and skills with a fun parade march. Let your students come full circle by giving them access to a wonderful performance opportunity.Complete their music education by giving them a rewarding day out in the streets where real music happens. With different parade festivals to choose from for all seasons and occasions, you’ll never run out of chances to create a band trip to remember.

The Road To Musical Mastery, One Beat At A Time

Marching Straight

Marching bands may be made in the practice room, but only when they star in a parade do they begin to taste the fullness of being in one. No marching band ever truly achieves peak performance by playing inside the four corners of a room. Watch as your students rise to the challenge of a live performance and witness as they blossom into professional performers, one beat and one step at a time.Your students have spent years cultivating their skill and coordination. Now is the time to reward all their hard work. Surprising them with a spot at the iconic Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or the Tournament of Roses is just what they need to boost their self-confidence and reach new heights. Who knows?

 This marching band trip can mean the difference between a successful career in music and an undiscovered talent for the arts.Want to start somewhere small? School marching is a great way to boost their confidence without too much pressure. Looking for something that will wow your students? Let them play in front of thousands of festival-goers in an independence day parade.With Peak Performance, you can handcraft a band trip that will best suit your students’ needs. Big or small, beginner to veteran, we’ll find the right parades that will make your proteges shine.

From Festival Parade To School Marching: Benefits of Marching Bands Parades

Disney’s Main Street Festival Parade

Is there anything more iconic than a Disney World or Disneyland parades? For the last several decades, Disney parades have charmed audiences around the world, both young and old, and being a part of this kind of magic is a genuine once in a lifetime experience. Walk down Epcot or Main Street and march to the beat of your favorite Disney songs.

Anyone who can find their place in a Disney parade will have at least one impressive line on their resume for the rest of their marching band career. How can you go wrong with that classic Disney magic?

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parades

With nearly 4 million people watching on the hectic streets of Manhattan live every year, with countless more millions watching from home, the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the biggest parade events out there. Aside from the customary giant balloons, the millions who attend also come to see the thousands of performers dancing and parading and marching down New York.

Be a part of the biggest annual national parade and find yourself in the middle of a Thanksgiving experience unlike any other. As a clown, dancer, cheerleader, or of course as part of a marching band, you can experience it front and center!

Tournament of Roses Parade

California’s Tournament of Roses Parade is one spectacle you can’t afford to miss every year, especially if you love parades. With flower-covered floats, equestrian displays, marching bands from all over the country, Pasadena’s Rose Parade is an annual event that goes back over a hundred years. And it’s not hard to see why: the Rose Parade is a celebration of music, colors, and equestrian magnificence. Who can’t appreciate that?

With over 20 marching bands, 400 horses, and nearly 50 floats, the Rose Parade draws a global audience of millions. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of next year’s Rose Parade!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade

If you’re looking for something a little more international, why not give your marching band the chance to fly on over to the land of leprechauns and four-leaf clovers, for the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, right in the heart of Dublin!

The capital of Ireland’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade draws a crowd of half a million to the streets of Dublin. This is the biggest festivity of Irish culture and the color green in the world, and getting your place as a marching band in the heart of these festivities is an experience you will never quite forget.