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Band Trips: March Towards Greatness with Peak Performance Tours

Your next performance at Carnegie Hall might just be a click away. With Peak Performance, you can turn your band’s dream tour into a sweet and satisfying reality. Don’t let booking logistics get in the way of creating great band trips. We are here to fine-tune your itinerary and deliver a memorable experience, without the stress and hassle that comes with planning band trips.


Performance band trips are an integral part of the musical development of your ensemble. This experience serves as an incredible opportunity for your students to challenge themselves, raise the bar, and become better musicians.

Class recitals and private performances can only take them so far. With a real live audience listening to every tune and beat, your band will be encouraged to play their hearts out and deliver the best performance of their lives. This cathartic experience can easily become your students’ defining moment, and thus completes their transition from proteges to professional musicians.

Our years of dedicatedly working in the industry and organizing band trips means we have unprecedented access to coveted venues and vendors around the world. Securing a spot in world-renowned venues, festivals, parades, and competitions is as easy as booking a trip with us.

Different Bands, Same Great Experience

No two bands are built the same. As musical experts ourselves, we recognize that different ensembles have different needs and aspirations. Our knowledge of musical nuances lets us create band trips that cater to these very specifics. From the venue to the activities, we create band trips we know you will love.

Marching Band

Bringing joy to the hearts of festival-goers is just a part of what makes your marching band special. Let them bask in the applause of hundreds and thousands of audiences in quintessential events like the Macy Thanksgiving Parade or the nightly Disney park performances.

Concert Band

Elegance, professionalism, and grandeur. Your concert band trips will exhibit these very characteristics that give them their unique identity. Reward hours spent working tirelessly on perfecting their ensemble by giving them a spotlight in iconic musical venues within the country and abroad.

Jazz Band

Fun, spontaneity, and creativity are the hallmarks of a great jazz band. With these very qualities in mind, we book gigs and venues that will match the very soul that makes your band unique. More than a performance, we endeavor to create band trips that will create a lasting impression in your students’ lives. Jamming with other jazz musicians, touring eclectic jazz bars, and performing for a lively crowd are now within arm’s reach.

Marching band trip

  • Let them bask in the applause of hundreds and thousands of audiences...

Going Center Stage, The Easy Way

Aside from handling rehearsals, musical directors are often responsible for booking extra-curricular opportunities for their students. This means doing everything from training them to creating the right band trips for them.

We know that you want nothing but the best for your hard-working band students. However, even the most talented band directors need help organizing impressive band trips. Sometimes you are unable to because of the following:

  • Burnout from handling too many tasks at once
  • Difficulty finding an ideal middle ground for budget and quality
  • Limited knowledge regarding foreign musical cultures
  • Stress from finding the right venue and event for your band
  • Little to no connections to performance venues and events around the world
  • Overwhelmed from airlines, accommodations, and transportation options

Peak Performance is here to help you create wonderful band trips, minus the stress. Expect a remarkable performance that will make for long-lasting memories.

  • Combine fun and education with this unique performance opportunity
  • Interaction with renowned musicians locally and around the world
  • Tour popular musical destinations and events
  • Experience and learn from different musical cultures
  • Strengthen bond with bandmates
  • Tutelage from professional musicians and other musical directors

Why Band Trips Matter

Limitless opportunities for growth and improvement await any hard-working band. Band trips serve as both a reward for all their dedication so far; and a challenge so they can continue reaching new heights in the future.

Musical Mastery

Having your bands perform for the same crowds and in the same venues can lead to plateauing. When this happens, rising to the ranks of their international peers becomes more challenging. By going on band trips, you can introduce your students to hard-working musicians from around the world and revitalize their passion for music. In turn, they are encouraged to practice harder and play better in order to achieve professional acclaim.

More importantly, you expand their musical education by giving them the opportunity to learn from and teach others. Their introduction to other musicians, both amateurs and professionals, can help them refine their own techniques as they pick up new tips and tricks from musical entertainers during their band trips.

Dynamic Learning

No great artist ever achieved the peak of his or her career by being shacked up in a studio. While it’s true that practice makes perfect, putting your students in a new learning environment allows them to discover new things on their own. Band trips are a perfect solution. In turn, this can inspire independence in your students, and embolden them to stay curious as they grow into the musicians they want to become.

Learning about a foreign culture for the first time is better experienced than taught. Instead of giving them a textbook definition of historical musical events, you can use band trips to take them to these very locations and let history unravel itself.

Socialization and Inspiration

Going to a new location is always an exciting experience. This is especially true for younger musicians who have yet to have a taste of independent travel. Going on band trips with their bandmates gives them one more thing to bond over aside from music. Close-knit relationships among your students means better cooperation and even better performances.

When you see signs of strain and burnout in your students, taking them on a trip is a sure-fire way to revive their spirit. With Peak Performance helping you from start to finish, organizing band trips is now achievable with just a series of clicks.


Each band trip is decidedly different from the rest. Pick one of our services or mix and match our tours to create the ultimate band trips of the year.

National Band Championships

What better way to ignite the fire in your students than by letting them compete with others? Competitions are a fantastic way to test your students’ mastery and skill. Playing against others can foster their sense of teamwork and help elevate their cooperation into a whole new level.

Exposure to other groups during band trips is healthy for both you and your students. As a musical director, you can gauge their progress in relation to their local and international peers. This gives you a better insight in what they need to become to be the best in their field. On the other hand, your students can observe other participants and use this to implement even better techniques in the future.

Festivals and Holidays

Not all performances have to be competitive in nature. Our festivals and holidays program invites you and your band to engage in equally entertaining and educational band trips adventures. Taking part in unique experiences such as thanksgiving parades, bowl parades, as well as music festivals within the country is surely to make a lasting impression on your students.

The prospect of being a part of a grand event is exciting enough. Add to that the possibility of appearing on live TV, where friends and family can watch them dazzle a roaring crowd - band trips truly are lifetime opportunities.

Disney Performing Arts Program

Deep down every band kid is the desire to perform in one of the most magical venues of all: Disney park. With Peak Performance, you can turn that yearlong dream into a night of magic and wonder. Walt Disney’s iconic nightly parades and street performances are among the most exciting parts of Disney park band trips. Enroll your students in the Disney Performing Arts Program so they can take center stage and enjoy the wonderful spotlight of a Disney show.

The Disney Performing Arts Program is open to musicians of all ages. Band trips are a great chance to coax younger musicians out of their shell and push them to fulfill their destinies as fantastic entertainers.

International Trips

Nothing says “I’m proud of you” better than the gift of traveling abroad. Whether you’re booking them a competition overseas or just letting them relax and let loose for a weekend, band trips abroad are a great way to show affection to your students and improve your relationship with them.

As we understand how stressful it can be to organize international band trips, we’re here to offer all-inclusive packages that cover everything from insurance to itinerary. Budget constraints don’t have to hamper a flight abroad. With whatever resources you have, we can still hand you an international destination on a silver platter.

Band Workshop and Clinics

Let other musical experts take the reins. Complete your students’ musical education by letting them grow under the guidance of other musical band directors and experts. From world-renowned musicians to legendary venue buyers, during band trips, your students can meet all sorts of personalities from the industry and acquire a more intimate understanding of the music world.

This experience can bring about new interests in other aspects of the music industry, and can even inspire new career choices. Introducing them to successful personalities can help inspire them to do better every day. Meeting these people can also lead to special learning experiences that can help their growth not only as musicians but as individuals.

band trip to Disney

  • Enroll your students in the Disney Performing Arts Program so they can take center stage and enjoy the wonderful spotlight of a Disney show

Peak Performance Tours - your trip's coordinator


The golden standard in band trips and musical tours. Booking your band trips with Peak Performance translates to a stress-free process, ultimately designed to push your students to achieve their best selves yet. Here’s why dozens of coaches have trusted us with their bands, and why you should too:

Decades Worth of Experience

We have spent years cultivating a good relationship with vendors from all around the US and the world. This makes it possible for us to book you a spot in legendary performance halls and receive elusive invites from music festivals and other awesome events on your behalf.

We started Peak Performance because we want each and every student to achieve new heights. With the connections we have built over the years, it’s become possible for us to share the benefits of having a good relationship with various people in the music industry.

Attention To Detail

Booking band trips is stressful because every band has a specific need. For us, no detail is too frivolous. Our mission is to give you and your students a comfortable and wonderful trip. We have spent countless of years working tirelessly with students to create memorable experiences. At the core of our great service comes our undivided attention to each and every detail of your band trips.

A seamless schedule, fun activities, and purposeful band trip experiences are what you should expect when you book with us. The tour you receive is guaranteed to supplement your students’ training and will only help them excel as musicians.

Insurance Hook-Up

Guaranteeing the safety of your students during band trips is one of our top priorities. Traveling with multiple individuals can be stressful, especially when you’re acting as both their mentor and their guardian. With comprehensive insurance packages, you can travel with the peace of mind knowing that your students are in the right hands.

Lugging around expensive musical instruments can also be worrisome. We are here to help you find insurance companies that will provide protection for these instruments, while we make sure that they are transported safely from one site to another.

All-Inclusive Packages

Too many options? No problem. Say goodbye to stressful planning. Get in touch with one of our team members and let us worry about the rest. We turn an incredibly stressful process into a sweet and short procedure.

Get the band trip you want by simply discussing your budget, target location, and travel objectives with us. Using these details, we’ll curate the ultimate band trip for you. With Peak Performance, you can finally make your dream band trips happen without dealing with the stress of organizing one.


global access for you and your band

Jumpstart your students’ musical career today. Band trips can easily make the difference between a fruitful life as a musician and a stale one. Early exposure to a proper audience, a competitive spirit, and knowledge of different musical cultures are just some of the keys to a rewarding musical career, all of which become easily accessible when you go on band trips.

So why stop at a local destination? Take a plane trip outside the state and begin creating fun memories with your students. Competing in the local music scene isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s better to start establishing your band with a foreign audience to maximize their exposure.

all it takes is one click

Any good musical coach would worry about what happens in his or her students’ careers. By booking band trips, you are introducing them to various opportunities that can open doors for them in the future.

Anything can happen during band trips. They can stand out and impress a renowned musical director. They can wow a composer sitting quietly in the crowd. By giving bands this opportunity, you are taking them one step closer to their dreams. And that’s what makes you a great coach.

Sample Trip

Don’t know where to get started? Check out this pre-designed band trips as a guide for when you’re organizing your own. This is a sample tour for a jazz band that is primarily composed of musicians ages 16 to 20.

Travel Objective: This trip is designed as a final component of the class’ education. This band trip is to serve as their final recital. The students are set to put on a show for an unfamiliar crowd and ultimately test their skill as musicians and performers.

Location: An eclectic jazz bar in New York City

Experience: After preparing for a national competition, the students needed a way to relax while still being on top of their training. We suggested New York City as a destination since majority of the students wanted a city setting for their trip so they can easily roam around after the planned activities. We chose a quaint jazz bar in Brooklyn that is known for their relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. The students were received warmly by the crowd and were asked to open for one of their regular performers the following night.

The trip concluded with a tour of the famous music venues in New York including the New York Philharmonic, Beacon Theatre, and Radio City Music Hall. The three-day trip had a significant impact on the band’s performance and camaraderie.

WHAT are you waiting for?

The musical adventure of a lifetime begins here. Book a call with a Peak Performance Tours team member to begin creating an itinerary that is custom-fit to your needs. Whether you want the tour to be educational, recreational, or performative, we’re here to make sure that you get the most out of your travel package.