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Music Field Trips: 5 Awesome Trips for Your Music Class

Your hardworking music students are becoming real musicians, under your careful tutelage.  Rewarding them with a music trip seems in order.  And in the USA, there’s such a huge variety of options for a memorable excursion, it’s practically dizzying.

When it comes to music field trips, these 5 awesome trips for your music class rise to the top, distinguishing themselves as some of the best to be found.

Nashville, TN.

1. Country Music Hall of Fame.

Music City USA is ground zero for fans of the Country Music genre.  Fans of American music can’t miss this extraordinary chronicle of 200 years of Country Music history.  Since 1967, the Country Music Hall of Fame has been a destination for those who not only love Country Music, but recognize its pivotal place in America’s enviable musical traditions.  Enjoy interactive displays, live music presentations and a wealth of memorabilia.

2. Grand Ole Opry.

Get the full VIP experience, with a backstage tour of this venerable showcase of Country Music talent, where the careers of the all the greats were launched.  Explore the backstage area, tread by the likes of George Jones, Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn, after coming through the stage door, usually reserved exclusively for performers.

Atlanta, GA.

3. Atlanta Institute of Music Campus Tour.

Atlanta, Georgia is home to the Institute of Music, where aspiring musicians come to refine and expand on their knowledge, to become the professionals of the future.  Take your students on a tour of the campus and let their imaginations run wild.  Will they be music producers, writers or performers?  It’s anyone’s guess!  This exceptional institution will stoke their dreams for a musical future.

New York City, NY.

4. Radio City Music Hall Career Educational Tour.

Budding musical professionals will thrill to the opportunity to go behind the scenes at this iconic, world famous venue.  See where the careers of some of the USA’s most internationally-renowned artists were lived out, on one of the performing arts’ most privileged stages.  Your guides will describe their journey to this mythical place and how they came to be part of the Showplace of the Nation.

5. Lincoln Center Tour.

Encompassing the Metropolitan Opera House and Alice Tully Hall, students will experience even more American musical history in this palace of the arts.  Included on the tour are the Revson Fountain and tales of the astounding musical talent which has graced this New York City landmark, from your knowledgeable guides.

Music Field Trips with Peak Performance Tours.

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