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Class Trips

The Open World Experience with Peak Performance Tours

Class trips are an essential part of any class experience. These iconic trips can be your students’ first foray into traveling alone, and could inspire them to seek out the world on their own and experience it with a fresh set of eyes.

At Peak Performance, we believe that creating a memorable class trip is as important as creating a dynamic academic curriculum. We believe in delivering great trips that will inspire, educate, and refresh your students.

This unique open world experience helps them achieve a richer appreciation of the world around them. It serves as a rewarding break from their life inside the classroom, encouraging them to bond with their peers and hopefully form lifelong relationships.

Two Birds With One Stone

Whether it’s a day of educational trips around historical sites or a rewarding afternoon filled with fun activities, our goal remains the same: provide an itinerary that will enrich their academic year and make them look forward to next year’s class trip.

Before finalizing your field trip, we ask you one crucial questionWhat do you want this trip to be about?

We specialize in providing an experience that is neither exclusively educational or recreational. Regardless of your intent, we make a way to factor in both so you can enjoy a holistic trip that serves your purpose, and beyond.

The Hallmarks Of Unforgettable
Class Trips

As an educator, you want to make sure that your class gets what they deserve. Field class trips are crucial in fostering camaraderie among students and solidifying what they learn in the classroom.

Not all trips are built the same. Planning a new, exciting trip every single year can be a challenge to most academic coordinators, which is why we are here to help you build an amazing itinerary using three important variables:


Where your field trip takes place defines what it will become. Choosing a city means a day packed with guided tours in art museums, science centers, and historic sites. On the other hand, choosing a more remote location can inspire activities such as nature exploration in famous botanical gardens and other outdoor activities.

Choose the location you want and we’ll hand the rest of the trip to you on a silver platter. Some of our most popular destinations are: Class trips to Washington DC >Class trips to New York City >Class trips to Los Angeles >Class trips to Baltimore


Who are you creating the trip for? Every class has a different personality. Some would prefer long walks in historic sites while others will enjoy overnight trips or performance tours.

Whether you are honing young academics or promising athletes, we promise to create experiences that will only enrich their lives.

At Peak Performance, we see your students as our clients. We take into consideration their needs and do everything we can to create an itinerary we know they will love.


Understanding your trip’s purpose is more than just answering the question: What should my students learn in the end? At Peak Performance, we don’t believe in school trips culminating into a single, enlightening moment. Instead, we focus on building individual but equally stimulating moments that will impact your students in multiple ways.

Seamless trip Experience

We’re not just trip masters telling you where to go and how to get there. We build this journey with you and,

make sure that every single part of your school class trip is seamless and exactly what you want it to be.

The Golden Standard

Years spent organizing class trips from New York City to Los Angeles means we have a network of partner accommodations, landmarks, and tour guides that will be dedicated to make your trip extra special. Get in touch with us today. Take the first step to making the ultimate class trip.