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Ways to Build Excitement for Your Tour

Young people have a lot on their plates.  They’re growing up, learning and trying to understand where they fit in the great scheme of things.  It can be a challenge to get and retain their attention.

The initial excitement about a school tour can get lost in the shuffle of everything else that’s going on in the world of your students.  You’re the teacher, though, so you set the pace.  You’re the engine that generates student interest and gets the enrollment fires stoked and burning bright.

In the run up to a school tour, there’s much you can do to keep student interest high.  Following are some ways to build excitement for your tour, to keep the event and its purpose on your class’s radar.

Put on a show – the big reveal.

Once you’ve gained that all-important approval, planning a splashy, attention-getting announcement is next on the agenda.  Choose a venue for the announcement with maximum impact.  Give yourself plenty of time to build a roster of participants.

School assemblies are great moments for this.  Be sure to bring a couple of enticing photos of tour destinations for the projection screen, to get the ball rolling in a big way.

At the announcement, include details about informational meetings.  Organize these off-campus at a location that fits the theme and destinations of your tour.  One of these meeting should involve the parents of interested students.  Both should take place within a week or two of the big reveal.  Reinforce your announcement with on-campus posters that share the details of your informational meetings.

Your teaching colleagues can help with the promotional project.  Provide them with fliers to pass out to students and generate widespread interest.

Get social.

When it comes to making events go viral, the internet is the only place to go.  Your social media feeds should be full of information for students to share.

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Set up a website, where all the tour details can be viewed by students and teachers and keep it fresh with plenty of information, photographs and articles about your tour destinations.  Write brief blog posts about points of interest on the tour.  Students can help with this, sharing their excitement and their reasons for wanting to go on the tour and what they hope to learn.

Social media is free, immediate and appeals to the very people you’re reaching out to, as you build excitement for your tour – your students and their friends!

Plan an event.

As you get closer to your tour date, plan an event which highlights the purpose of the tour.  By now, you’ll have chaperones in place, but you may need more.  Invite students who’ve expressed interest and ask them to bring their parents.  The event may be as simple as a slide-show with detailed descriptions of your destinations, or a discussion about the itinerary and its most compelling points of interest.

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