Educational and Performance Student Tours

"Experience the exceptional customer service as we design the perfect customized tour for your students"

Why Peak ?

The Peak Advantage

“There is only so much textbooks can do for your students. With Peak Advantage, you take them one step closer to greatness by giving them a unique opportunity to explore and perform around the world. Take on a breathtaking adventure in one of the best cities in North America and give them an exclusive advantage with our student tours.”

All Inclusive

Save money and effort from booking student tours. With Peak Performance, we handle all the logistics so you can focus on inspiring your students and gearing them up for the road.

Guided Tours

Experience sights from the eyes of a local. All educational student tours come with a full day guide who will be more than happy to inspire and discuss ideas with your students.


Different students have different needs. At Peak Performance, we stay away from cookie cutter programs. Instead, we focus on building a tour from scratch to really help your students achieve their best selves yet.

Student Tours, Redefined

Music Travel

Let your band march proudly in the streets of Chicago. Encourage your dance troupe to compete in an international competition in San Francisco. Book your singers a festival spot in Nashville. Making their first career break happen is as easy as booking a performance tour with us.

Why Performance Student Tours Matter

Too many students spend their entire lives in studios and practice rooms. With early exposure to actual performance, your proteges will develop the discipline and skill necessary to progress in their careers.