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Senior Class Trip To New York City

Senior Class Trip To New York City

There is a reason so many people swarm to New York every year. It would be difficult to find a more exciting destination that offers something for every traveler.

To end your high school years in style, New York is the perfect place to head on a senior trip. With so many iconic landmarks, fascinating attractions, and a plethora of entertainment options, you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.

Here are the most famous and captivating New York attractions you can visit during your Senior Trip[1] .

The Statue of Liberty

The cool thing about visiting the Statue of Liberty is that you have to hop on a ferry to see it. Plus, you can choose to go on your own or take one of the many guided tours in the area.

Did you know that the American symbol of independence, Lady Liberty, was actually built in France on a framework designed by Gustave Eiffel? By heading on a guided tour, you will learn more about its fascinating history.

Central Park

Also called “New York’s backyard,” Central Park is a beautiful, quiet area in the middle of Manhattan, covering 843 acres. With its stunning landscapes and exciting attractions, it is a great senior trip destination for every student.

First, get a map from the visitor center and plan your route. Try to include as many attractions as possible so you get the most out of your Senior Trip.

If nothing seems to draw your attention (although that is unlikely), you can enjoy a simple walking tour. Those craving a more unique experience can explore Central Park on a horse.

Here are some of the most incredible places you can visit in Central Park:

–  Belvedere Castle. Built atop the Vista Rock, it is not a castle but a miniature replica designed as a lookout post within the park. The Belvedere Castle offers a spectacular view of Central Park and the city. Interestingly, its rooftop is used to measure the weather for the park.

–   Central Park Carousel. Did you know it was one of the first carousels to open for business? A visit to Central Park wouldn’t be imaginable without seeing its legendary carousel. Just imagine how much fun it will be to enjoy the ride with your high school sweetheart of friends.

–  Central Park Zoo. Over 100 animal species from many ecosystems all around the world will greet you at the Central Park Zoo. Look into the fascinating lives of the quirky penguins, learn more about polar bears and spend time admiring red pandas and monkeys. Whenever you’ve reached your maximal dose of animal cuteness, don’t miss the 4D theater and the Delacorte Music Clock.

Central Park has been featured in many famous movies like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Home Alone 2, and Madagascar. Another showcase of its importance is the fact in 2017, it was listed as a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Little Italy

During the 19th century, many Italian immigrants came to America. Over time, they created strong communities all around the country and especially In New York. In fact, one of the neighborhoods in the glorious city became known as Little Italy.

The Italians helped shape today’s New York and created a unique American Italian style you won’t find anywhere else. As time has passed, it has become smaller due to the expansion of the neighboring Chinatown. Still, Little Italy is still a unique Senior Trip place.

Stop by its traditional Italian American restaurants, grocery stores, and the Italian American Museum. Finally, pay a visit to Rossi E and Company to get your hands on Italian souvenirs to bring back home.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Met, as it is also known, is an excellent Senior Trip destination, especially for Arts Schools graduates and history enthusiasts. The museum is home to what is most likely the biggest collection of artifacts in the world.

Bringing together incredible Renaissance paintings, Egyptian tomb finds, as well as ancient Roman pieces from every place and time, there is something that every senior in your group will fall in love with. 

With so many collections, just one day in the museum won’t be enough. Make sure to visit the Greek and Roman Gallery, the European sculpture Court, the exciting antiquities of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas, the musical instruments collection, and the modern and contemporary art collection.

Having over 7 million visitors annually, the Met is not only one of the most well-known museums in the world. It also holds the richest fashion history collection and the oldest surviving piano.

Times Square

Not seeing Times Square during your Senior Trip in New York would be a crime. The glamorous site has been featured in many movies and tv shows. Times Square is also often called the “crossroads of the world” because of its many attractions, shopping areas, various traditional restaurants, and food stands, as well as cross-cultural shows.

Unlike what you might expect by its name, Times Square is not really a square. It includes four quarters between 7th Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan.

Originally named Longacre Square, the iconic site’s name was changed when the New York Times moved its main offices there in 1904.

Six Flags Great Adventure

If you want to have a fun-filled Senior Trip, head to a place that will remind you of your careless childhood – the Six Flags Great Adventure.

The iconic theme park is located between New York and Philadelphia and offers 13 rollercoasters and 2 water rides spread between 11 themed areas. The park operates almost all year round – from March to January.

Medieval Times

Perhaps for your next Senior Trip, go back in time and see how people used to live in the Middle Ages? Medieval Times New York is a family venue that hosts medieval tournaments, staged fighting scenes, and intriguing animal shows featuring horses and falcons.

You can also attend a medieval banquet in this fairy tale setting. After that, make sure to visit the Hall of Arms, Museum of Torture, and get a nice souvenir at the Gift Shop.

Spirit Dinner Cruise

With so many Senior Trip opportunities in and around New York, it can be challenging to choose just a few activities. But if there is one thing you shouldn’t miss, it is the Spirit Dinner Cruise. Enjoy the panoramic view of the city skyline while taking your taste buds on an adventure and listening to beautiful music.

Are you on a specific diet? No worries! They can accommodate most special dietary needs with at least 72 hours’ notice.

After a busy graduation ceremony or a noisy family gathering, this is a great chance to relax on the spacious, open-air rooftop lounge while having a delicious cocktail.

Cruises operate all year-round and last for about 2.30h.

We hope this guide will help you choose your next travel adventure. Plan your Senior Trip now and contact us for a New York City proposal at

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