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10 Great Reasons to Hire a Tour Operator for Your Next Trip

Planning a student trip or group tour takes time and expertise.

parisIt involves multiple suppliers such as: airlines, motor coach companies, attractions, accommodations and restaurants.

There is a way to make this process simpler for you. Here are 10 great reasons you should hire a tour operator for your next trip.

  1. Save Time and Energy:
    There is a lot to do when taking a group of students on a trip. By hiring a tour guide to plan your travel you can focus on more important things. Your time and energy can go to parent meetings, fundraisers, and preparing your students.
  2. Resources and Buying Power:
    Travel industry experience and relationships that allow bargaining power. Since we work with these companies often, we have developed relationships with them. Tour operators are often given special discounts and travel considerations.
  3. Insurance:
    What happens if someone gets hurt on your trip? Tour Operators carry general/professional liability insurance. This means you and your trip are covered in case of any injury or property damage due to misrepresentation.
  4. Safety Due Diligence:
    Safety is always a concern when traveling with students and groups. Tour operators insure suppliers are in compliance with federal safety standards and better business practices appropriate to the age of the group.
  5. Destination Knowledge:
    Travel guides have visited the area before. They know the lay of the land and where the best food is. By having an experienced tour operator with with you, you save time trying to navigate a new city on your own. Onsite travel experience that can insure value added trip design and packaging.
  6. Financial Ease and Cost Efficiency:
    Pre-payment, all-inclusive packaging allows budgeting with greater certainty. Since we are handling the arrangements, you only have one payment to make. We can handle budgeting and set up payment plans customized for your needs.
  7. Experienced Staff:
    We are reputable travel professionals who understand the flow of your itinerary. This means your trip is planned to insure efficiency in travel time.
  8. Operational Structure:
    We have done this before. We have processes in place to make sure things run smoothly. From payment collection, to getting teachers, parents, and students the information they need. Our attention to detail is a guarantee.
  9. Multiple City Itineraries:
    If your trip includes more than one city, there is an added layer of complexity. Ensure smooth travel by relying on the experience and expertise of a tour operator. We can make sure your travel time is efficient, and avoid common pitfalls.
  10. Special Needs Management:
    Do you have a student or group member who needs specific accommodations?  We know who to ask and what to ask for. Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically. We can make sure your needs are handled flawlessly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your trip.

Why you should use a tour operator

Planning a group tour takes time, expertise and involves multiple suppliers. Airlines, motor coach companies, attractions, accommodations, and restaurants all have different considerations. An experienced tour operator will seamlessly coordinate your group’s entire trip-without extra work for you.  They will make all the necessary arrangements to accommodate your trip requests. Tour operators also ensure that suppliers are in compliance with federal safety standards. They can make sure the suppliers provide proof of better business practices and are appropriate to the age of your group.

Tour operators are often given additional discounts from suppliers, since they buy in bulk. The can also negotiate free travel for your group’s organizer. Visit our “10 Great Reasons to Hire a Tour Guide” page for more information on how it can save your time any money.

  • Hotels – 10 or more rooms per night
  • Airlines – 10-15 seats on a plane
  • Cruises – 15-20 beds (based on two people per room)
  • Activities – 15 people
Looking for more great reasons to hire a tour guide? Or, are you ready to start planning your next trip? Contact Peak Performance Tours today.


“As a student I went to Orlando with my high school band. Peak performance was the company and Bruce was our tour guide. I was impressed then by how far he went to keep the trip running smoothly and to take care of the students and chaperones on the trip. A few years later I was able to go on my second trip with PPT. Again, I went to Orlando, but this time as a chaperone for a choir/orchestra trip. Again I felt very comfortable with the attention to detail and flexibility during the trip. As a first year teacher, knowing I had a trip in the Spring, I didn’t hesitate in contacting peak to take my group to Boston. I know we would have an excellent trip, and the students would get the best experiences. As he continually been my experience, Peak performance doesn’t disappoint. I will be using them again!”

Jarred Mathis, Band Director
Kittatinny High School, Newton, NJ