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Orchestra Trips

Your diligent orchestra students have worked hard and now, they’re ready to blow the audience away – wherever that audience may be.

It’s the moment teachers dream of. As the house lights go down and the chandelier is raised to the rafters, the stage lights illuminate faces ignited with anticipation.

This is it!

A great deal of hard work has pushed you to the point at which your students are ready to show everyone what they’ve got in a public performance. But the thrill of performing is even sweeter when that performance is a part of trip.

<em>“ With industry insight developed over more than 2 decades... we curate opportunities for your students to show forth their talent and develop it even more. ”</em>
“ With industry insight developed over more than 2 decades... we curate opportunities for your students to show forth their talent and develop it even more. ”

At Peak Performance Tours, we create orchestra trips your students will remember forever. With industry insight developed over more than 2 decades and relationships with some of the most renowned venues on the planet, we curate opportunities for your students to show forth their talent and develop it even more.

Reward. Education. Fun

When Peak plans your orchestra trip, public performances are joined by education and then, we toss in a big dash of fun. Our orchestra trips reward your students for their hard work. But we flesh out that reward with key educational opportunities personalized to your orchestra’s interests.

You may want to schedule a clinic with a master of orchestral music or a technical workshop or introduce them to the apex of orchestral excellence at famed concert venue. From music festivals to competitions and performances, we put your young orchestral musicians in the limelight, while supporting their efforts with a strong educational foundation.

And then, we show them a good time!

To nurture their gifts

Your student orchestra has a friend in the student trip professionals at Peak. With enduring relationships with venues and vendors all over the world, we tailor your orchestra trip to the interests of your group, creating the ideal itinerary.

And we haven’t forgotten about you, hardworking orchestra instructor. You’re teaching to a curriculum, so we go the extra mile to build in encounters with teachers and music professionals which nourish student knowledge, while nurturing their gifts.

From Carnegie Hall and other grand orchestral venues to austere museum and library performances, to music festivals across the globe, to competitions, Peak works to your vision and the musical dreams of your students, inspiring them and meeting your objectives as an educator.


Disney and Universal “Stars”

Disney and Universal Studios’ dedication to education and the arts is internationally-renowned. Their theme parks support this claim every day by offering myriad opportunities for students to hone their talents.

From performances in the Magic Kingdom to the thrill of playing for thousands at Disney’s festivals, events and music competitions, Disney’s Youth Education programs offer a unique, special magic for Peak to weave into your orchestra trip.
Universal “Stars” Hollywood Stars Performance Program is acclaimed for bringing music students a superlative performance and educational platform. Their programs include public performance and educational components, creating the ideal conditions for your student orchestra to grow to its full stature.

Your orchestra students are ready. Take them there, with Peak.


“Peak Performance Tours is the best thing going in group travel. The planning is fabulous. The tour guides are responsive, helpful and flexible. On a Peak Performance Trip I can do two things I never could before: spend the majority of my time actually being a teacher for my students AND I can actually enjoy the trip myself.”

Chuck Schmidt, Band Director
The Langley School, McLean, VA