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Choral Performances in Disney Parks You Shouldn’t Miss

Choral Performances in Disney Parks really are the happiest places on Earth. Colorful parades, vibrant live shows, and fun meet-and-greets all add to the wonderful atmosphere. But what if you could be part of creating the magic? After spending a fun-filled day exploring the park, your students have the opportunity to suit up for their own performance.

Thanks to the unique experience and professional guidance, your students will be able to refine their musical techniques early on. Who knows – maybe this is a beginning of a blossoming career? Either way – performing at Disney world will be a real adventure!

Soundtrack sessions: Vocal

Imagine the thrill of working in a professional recording studio environment. At this Disney workshop, it becomes a reality!  Your students will have an opportunity to work together with the industry’s best professionals and create a beautiful ensemble piece.

In the process, participants will acquire essential vocal skills like breath control and diction that will help in their future endeavors. With professional guidance, they will also learn how to add emotion to any piece of music. The memorable experience will conclude with a screening of the recorded work that is added to Disney film footage.

Disney Broadway Magic

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform on Broadway? To get an inside look at the glamour of live musical theater, this performance workshop is a bucket-list-worthy experience for every vocalist.

Together with industry professionals, your students will recreate a scene from one of Disney’s renowned shows. Then, after learning about audition techniques, overcoming obstacles, building characters, and many other things, your students will participate in an exciting final performance.

Stage Performances

Ready for the spotlight? Choral Performances in Disney Parks don’t end with just broadway and vocal workshops. Your students have a one-of-a-kind opportunity to take the stage at Disney theme park, where they can perform in front of an international audience.

To take part in the unique experience, an audition is required, and there must be at least 20 performers within the group.

Festival Disney Choral

There is nothing like music travel! Festival Disney offers the best of both worlds – your students will have the opportunity to improve their choral skills while still having fun in the impressive Walt Disney World Resort theme parks.

Competing against middle and school choirs from all across the country, they will receive detailed, personalized feedback from recognized adjudicators.

Typically, Festival Disney takes place every year in March and April.

Why should you participate in Disney Park’s choral performances?

Performing at Disney World is a dream for many students. After all – it is the most magical place in the world. While partaking in the parks is great, the best part about the Disney Performing Arts experience is that it allows students to understand who they are as performers.

With the help of professional musicians, dedicated technicians, coordinators, and an impressive work environment (like professional studios), your students will get a taste of what being a true performer means.

Wish to experience the fun yourself? Reach out to us, and we will happily assist in planning your trip!