School Fundraising: Use These Online Tools

school fundraising

The concept and practice of school fundraising is nothing new. In fact, it is a time-honored tradition. Fundraisers have over the years helped to pay for school items ranging from new books to field trips. Students also love to get involved in anything that will help make their school better since they will most likely…

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How to Improve Your Student Marching Band’s Posture

student marching band

Posture is a very critical aspect of marching technique. In fact, it can make or break the performance of your student marching band. Improving the band’s posture ensures that there is no poor quality sound due to tension. A tense body produces a thin, shrill and unsupported tone because of inadequate breath support. Any drill choreographer,…

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How to Answer Tough Tour Questions From Parents

question marks on a school board

If you are planning a student tour and you have an upcoming parent meeting, you are likely to be faced with many tough questions. Parents will want to know about everything from educational content to security. To ensure that your meeting goes smoothly, you need to prepare accurate and reassuring answers to the parents’ queries.…

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Cities That Make American History Come Alive

American revolution scene

Are you looking for fun and creative ways to get your students excited about their history lessons? Take them to some of America’s historically richest cities! Every student will get a chance to see where some of the events they read about in books actually took place. Such a feeling is priceless, and will most…

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Performance Opportunities at Universal Orlando Resorts and Partners

Universal Orlando globe

A trip to Florida is an exciting adventure for students, but when they’re music students, there are performance opportunities around every corner in the Sunshine State. Some of those opportunities are to be had at Universal Orlando.  And there’s more to Universal than performance (as though that weren’t enough).  There are numerous education programs for…

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Everything you need to know about a Hawaii Performance Tour

student performance on Hawaii

Picture it!  Honolulu.  Warm tropical breezes and white sand greet you, as you and your students sport fragrant leis at the luau.  What setting could be more inspiring for a performance tour? Honolulu is home to the capital of this island state so it bustles alright, but in that laidback, Hawaiian “aloha” kind of way.…

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2018 Disney Performing Arts Travel Company

Disney Performing Arts

Jiminy Cricket once sang that “when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true”.  While that may be so, there’s more than one way to make a dream come true. For students dreaming of an exceptional music tour experience and educators hoping to satisfy that aspiration, Peak Performance Tours is your 2018 Disney Performing…

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New York City – Broadway and so much more!

Broadway theathers NYC

There’s no place on earth quite like it.  It’s the city of one thousand faces from a million places, with people from all over the world arriving daily to enjoy its endless charms. There’s something in this iconic metropolis for everyone, from culinary mastery to high fashion and high finance.  Here, you’ll discover a diverse…

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New York & Washington DC School Trip: New Attractions in 2018!


If you’ve been thinking that New York & Washington, DC couldn’t get any more thrilling, 2018 is here to prove you wrong. Brilliant new attractions in these two world class destinations make them even more exciting proposals than ever for a school trip.  Washington has really stepped up with a great new selection of experiences…

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Traveling Nashville, TN on your Student Performance Tour

Nashville, TN sign

Nashville, TN is the font from which all great Country Music flows.  It’s where once obscure artists gain traction by performing and recording the music that’s an American original, having its roots tangled in the stories of immigrants from all over the world. Traveling Nashville, TN on your student performance tour is a thrilling experience…

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