Things to Pack for a Student Trip to Washington, DC

packing suitcase
A student trip to Washington, DC is an exciting prospect for any young person.  Inside the Beltway is the heart of international power and the mechanisms of the United States government. From the White House to the Supreme Court to Congress and the Senate, Washington, DC is a singular experience, promising a firsthand look into…Read More

Top 5 Band, Choir and Orchestra Field Trips

Disney Performing Arts Onstage
We know you’re budding performing artists are itching for their moment under the spotlight and this post is all about making that happen. We’ve done the math and the results are in!  These are our top 5 band, choir and orchestra field trips, offering educators some genuinely exciting opportunities to take your students where they…Read More

Boston Itinerary – 3 Days in Boston for First-timers

statue of George Washington in Boston
You’ve got 3 days to show your students the wonders of Boston for the very first time.  Sound like a tall order?  Well, perhaps for lesser mortals, but you’re a teacher (and there’s nothing “lesser” about what you can do). This post outlines a Boston itinerary, taking you through 3 days in Boston for first-timers.…Read More

Affordable New York City Educational Tour Ideas for Students

New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York City isn’t exactly what you’d call a budget destination.  But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazing place to take your students on an educational tour. This city is a world unto itself, with so many opportunities to learn, you probably couldn’t manage them all in a lifetime.  And what you need to…Read More

Top 5 Destinations for Your High School Choir Trip in 2018

New York
High school trips are enjoyable when you choose the best destinations. Choir trips don’t necessarily mean you visit music halls, recording studios, and the like. There are other places to tour to spice up the day. Now, as you plan for your choir trips, keep in mind Peak Performance Tours. We are here to help…Read More

Musical Tours — Choosing Your Singing Repertoire

student choir singing
With such diversity in repertoire, setting up a program to suit your students’ musical tour can be quite a challenge. To help you out, here are some important factors to consider when establishing a singing repertoire which will not only engage your students but also assist them in demonstrating their strengths as performers. Explore the…Read More

Inspire Your Students with a Performance Tour of Europe

Music director or otherwise, nothing beats the experience of bringing your student group on a performance tour of Europe — both for you as well as your book. Enlightening students with such spiritual and musical growth is a type of one-time opportunity many only dreams about. However, the reality of taking your students to Europe…Read More

Group Flights Quick Guide

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People travel in groups for many reasons. Perhaps it is an educational or entertainment trip. Whichever reason you have for using a group flight with your students, colleagues or family, you need an efficient travel company such as Peak Performance Tours to assist you with planning, accommodation, and sightseeing. Well, what do you stand to…Read More

School Fundraising: Use These Online Tools

school fundraising
The concept and practice of school fundraising is nothing new. In fact, it is a time-honored tradition. Fundraisers have over the years helped to pay for school items ranging from new books to field trips. Students also love to get involved in anything that will help make their school better since they will most likely…Read More

How to Improve Your Student Marching Band’s Posture

student marching band
Posture is a very critical aspect of marching technique. In fact, it can make or break the performance of your student marching band. Improving the band’s posture ensures that there is no poor quality sound due to tension. A tense body produces a thin, shrill and unsupported tone because of inadequate breath support. Any drill choreographer,…Read More