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Educational Tours

Get the Best Tours for your Students’ Education with Peak Performance Tours

Educational tours often get a bad rap for being "boring” but at Peak Performance Tours, it is our specialty to turn these trips into once-in-a-lifetime experiences for participants.  With nearly two decades in the travel-planning industry, it is Peak Performance’s mission to make educational tours memorable and rewarding.  In creating the right package, Peak Performance asks numerous questions during the assessment process.  Some key questions are:

  • What is the educational purpose?  History, geography, culture…
  • How interactive should the itinerary be?   Our planners can provide itineraries that may include educational tours from a Gettysburg Battlefield reenactment to a Jamestown Settlement Experience that gives all group participants the chance to experience local culture in a hands-on learning environment.
  • Is the destination key to the educational purpose?
  • How should the itinerary content be organized?
  • Is local culture a part of the "education"

Educational tours can be extraordinary excursions.  Allow time to plan, set clear expectations and use the resources Peak Performance has to offer to help choose the appropriate tour.

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