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Student Travel Broadens Horizons

Putting together tours for students is serious business that requires extreme attention to detail. The benefits of taking youth on an adventure, far outweigh the work involved in putting a trip together. When travel becomes a part of the educational experience, the opportunities for teachable moments abound. The lessons learned are likely to last a lifetime.

Student travel can have many purposes - designed to help teens expand their horizons. Depending on the group of students involved and the goals of the trip, travel programs can center on such things as:

  • Educational Destinations– There are specific destinations all over North America and beyond that are perfect for educational trips. Whether the purpose of travel would be to study history, art, architecture, music, culture or all of these things, students benefit greatly from destination travel. Trips of this nature bring the lessons of their textbooks to life and help the learning experience create a lasting impression.
  • Elementary/Middle School Class Trips - Whether you are traveling with 5th graders or 8th graders, Peak can help your students experience the history of America from The Revolutionary War to the Civil War to the history of today.  The World is their classroom.
  • Performance Tours – When students are given the opportunity to stand on a stage and perform for an audience it helps to build their confidence and deepen their love for their art. Whether you are traveling with a choir, or a dance troupe we offer a wide variety of experiences and tours for helping them to achieve their dreams. 
  • Senior Class Trips – This type of trip is typically planned as an exciting, fun-filled excursion. Even if the purpose is to celebrate a major milestone or just build a sense of team spirit among classmates, typical senior and class trips can also broaden horizons by giving students a chance to see more of the world we live in.

Student tours deliver benefits to participants that no textbook could possibly match. When students take part in class trips, no matter the purpose, they stand to gain:

  • A Broader Sense of the World Around Them – Getting out and seeing other destinations beyond their own hometowns and classrooms can open students’ eyes to the world around them. Depending on the destination, trips can also teach them about different cultures and different ways of life.
  • An Expanded Education – No matter the type of trip you have planned, travel is educational for students. Tours and trips can bring their classroom lessons to life, expand their artistic abilities and appreciation or simply help them learn valuable life lessons.
  • A Sense of Confidence – Even on highly planned and chaperoned trips, students gain the self-confidence of being able to say they have traveled beyond their own backyards.

Student tours demand careful planning no matter the size of the group in question. Details like transportation, lodging, meals, activities and more will all have to be arranged with care and with attention to budgeting. Since 1994, Peak Performance Tours has assisted schools throughout the country in planning student trips. Travel broadens horizons and Performance Tours will make sure your trip exceeds expectation. We take the journey with you in planning and delivering to yours students an experience of a lifetime.

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Peak Performance Tours is the best thing going in group travel. The planning is fabulous. The tour guides are responsive, helpful and flexible. On a Peak Performance Trip I can do two things I never could before: spend the majority of my time actually being a teacher for my students AND I can actually enjoy the trip myself.
Chuck Schmidt, Band Director
The Langley School, McLean, VA

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