Boston Duck Tours – Fun Student Travel activity

At Peak Performance Tours, every trip to Boston includes the exceptional student tour activity – The Boston Duck Tours.  They LOVE students! They’ve worked with student tours for almost 20 years and they offer the most exciting way to learn about the history of boston_duck_tour_splashBoston…in a WWII replica amphibious vehicle.  Imagine driving through the city of Boston in a bright pink or polka dot Duck learning about Freedom, Fun and Firsts.  Their ConDUCKtors are in character and costume and bring history to life in a fun, interactive way. They cover famous firsts – did you know Boston had the first Chocolate Factory, Public Library and Subway System…just to name a few. They also point out interesting architecture and points of interest. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, your Duck drives right into the Charles River and we begin the water portion of your tour. From the Charles we see the most beautiful views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines, talk about how the River is now so clean that it’s considered swim-able and we even let students drive the Duck!  Not many people can say they went from land to water in the same vehicle. boston duck logo

The Ducks have interesting histories – they were built for WWII to transport troops and supplies from ship to shore, often times during combat. Now, they are used for sightseeing in Boston. They’ve also become Boston’s official ChampionSHIP – they’ve carried the World Champion Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins through the City of Boston for their championship parades!

They also offer many great student travel packages with fellow attractions, museums, theaters and restaurants.  We want everyone who comes to Boston to not only enjoy a great group tour, but also a great day or week in one of America’s most beloved cities.

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