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Peak Performance Tours creates some of the most innovative and creative music and travel opportunities for their clients. Whether you want a performance opportunity, a clinic/workshop with a professional musician, or to participate in a music festival, we will exceed your musical expectations. Reward your Band or Orchestra with the opportunity of a lifetime to perform in some of the most prestigious venues available.

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Take your ensemble to one of the many Music Festivals throughout the United States and Canada. Peak will take care of all the arrangements outside of the Festival participation.
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Let Us create a performance clinic with a Professional Conductor, Musician or University Educator. Some of our exceptional locations include Symphony Halls, Jazz Clubs and more.
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Performance at the some of the most Iconic Destinations throughout the world, plus Amusement Parks, Museums, and Churches and attractions.
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Opportunities for Performers to Showcase their Talents During the Los Angeles Dance Tours

Los Angeles is considered as the world’s entertainment hub. Los Angeles is the epicenter of discovering talents and making dreams achievable. Aside from acting, there is also space for shows, choir, dancing and emerging bands. With a myriad of talent scouts looking for new talent, many centers exists in Los Angeles as the different talented performers exhibit their abilities in different performing art centers. Every performer looks to be spotted by the talent scouts, thus their need to perform in various centers around Los Angeles.
Santa Monica Pier is one of the centers that are used during the Los Angeles dance tours, as it is the home of the twilight concert series, which is held annually. The event features both well known and upcoming performers who show case their talent .The summer event is held outdoors and different genres of music are sampled. It is a great chance for the whole family to hang out together. The food trucks have a variety of foods for every palate. Each genre of music is allocated a date and time. The Pier has other interesting tourist attractions such as amusement parks and sandy beaches. Performers have the opportunity to display their talents at Santa Monica Pier and even stand a chance of being spotted by professional musicians.
Disney has a great performance schedule for the children and the youth. The Disney youth program is an initiative that offers performance opportunities for bands, orchestras and show choir participants. A lot of teen stars have used Disney as their growth platform. The program is for children of all ages from elementary school to college. Some professional musicians come to Disney to look out for talent and when they spot such talents, they take them in and further their performance through motivation, inspiration and proper guidance.
Through the Los Angeles dance tours, one will come across the universal Hollywood studios, which mainly host the Hollywood stars annually. At the University Hollywood studios, students have the opportunity to highlight their talents. For people to join the studio, they have to show their talent through a competitive audition. There are also interactive workshops where aspects of film making both visual and audio special effects are taught. These workshops have proved to be vital in the career of young performers, as experienced musicians have coached most of them. Workshops have helped performers to go beyond their abilities and eventually get to the top of their musical careers.
The Edge Performing Arts Center offers dance courses to everyone regardless of the age. The center has workshops that are open to members and non members where they teach performing acts and their impact to society. The center has over the years been involved in the annual Los Angeles dance tours.
The Millennium Dance complex in North Hollywood has six well-equipped studios that offer casting, auditions, rehearsals and learning space. The studio has workshops that offer participants the opportunity to learn and interact with professional musicians. The founders of the complex, Robert Baker and Ann Marie Hudson, are very hands on with their students. Performers are given the opportunity to exhibit their talents in a conducive environment where they can get assistance from the available professionals.

Why Pick Toronto for Your Next Music Performance Tour

Toronto hosts a number of music festivals that are popular among high school bands, choirs and orchestras in the United States. Each years, a huge number of students cross the United States-Canadian border to participate in these competitive festivals. By taking part in a Toronto music performance tour, students will get the opportunity to enjoy unmatched experiences.
High school bands, choirs and orchestras can either fly or use a bus to attended music festivals in Toronto. Traveling by bus makes the journey to double up as a road trip. Unlike air travel, students crossing the border by bus don’t need passports. This greatly simplifies the paperwork needed for the tour.

Casa Loma offers one of the best venues for music festivals. This century old castle has quality gardens and facilities that will greatly improve the quality of the tour. Symphony in the Gardens is an annual music festival hosted at the venue. It is a series of outdoor concerts complimented with movie screenings. The festival happens every Tuesday during summer. For high school students, it is an opportunity to listen to quality music and also perform to an audience made up of individuals from far and wide. The concerts start at 7:30 pm. Visitors can also tour the castle which remains open till 10 pm. Another famous music festival at the venue is Souls in the City.   Choir groups visiting Casa Loma can also perform on the grounds with prior approval.

There are numerous U.S.A. and Canadian based music festival companies that run festivals throughout the spring.  To name a few:  Festivals of Music, Music in The Parks, and Performing Arts Consultants .

Other Toronto based attractions allow performances at their locations including the amusement park Canada’s Wonderland, the Ontario Science Center,  and the Harbourfront Centre, which is also the home to the CN Tower, the Toronto Aquarium and the Rogers Center(home of the Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Team).
Teacher and leaders of high school choirs, bands and orchestras are advised to prepare well for the festivals by making enquiries from the organizers or with Peak Perfomance Tours for a complete customized Tour.

Use a bus for your music performance tour to save you from the hustle of processing passports for your students.

The Possibilities for a Los Angeles Performance Tour are Endless

The possibilities of Los Angeles performance tour, if you are a band, choir, orchestra or a dancer, are numerous. The only that that might vary is the place of your performance. Of course, there is something for everyone’s reach and taste.

Bands, choirs or orchestras

If you are interested in performing at Santa Monica  Pier, contact their management office.  They are easy to work with and will provide chairs for your performances.  The toughest part is walking all your stands and instruments to the end of the pier, but what a perfect backdrop.  Peak Performance Tours can assist you in rental of chairs and large percussion.

Los Angeles, Performance Tours, music trips,
While in Los Angeles, go to see a performance  at the Music Center ( whose resident companies include the LA Opera) and the LA Phil(harmonic), which includes the Los Angeles Master Chorale, with its famous Walt Disney Concert Hall and Los Angeles Chamber Choir – both of which don’t need much introduction if you are a classical music fan.  Professional clinics are available.

The Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) organizes a regular event series called “Let’s Talk Music”, where all types of music are welcome and which, as the title suggests, gives you a chance to talk about music with some of the greatest names in the industry.
Dancing in LA

If you are a professional dancer and you want to organize a Los Angeles performance tour, you should, once again, refer to the Music Center or Los Angeles Convention Center. In that case, you could be the one of the chosen who got to dance where all the great names danced before. The sole fact that you are on a stage which has so much history should not be overwhelming, but rather truly inspiring.

Open classes and customized master classes are available at the EDGE Performing Arts Center or visit one of three open-house events at the millennium Dance center throughout the year. You should visit their websites on a regular basis and follow news of their workshops.

Performance Opportunities are also available at the many surrounding amusement parks including, Disneyland, Universal Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Los Angeles, the city of greatness. Hold your breath for just one second, then take a deep one and proceed. Whether you are still struggling to succeed, or you are a well-known artist in the aforementioned domains, the city will find a way to reward your performance. Stop and think for a while. Do you know a better place to practice your creativity and work on your talent, while at the same time reaping all the benefits from it? Of course you don’t. If you think you are destined for glory, then there is no better place for you to be.

For help in planning your Los Angeles Performance Tour, contact Peak Performance Tours for itineraries and fully customized tours

Gatlinburg for your next Music Performance Tour

Gatlinburg, Tennessee is famous for many things, but its unique and exciting music festivals top the list. That is the reason why Gatlinburg band trips are common. Every year, hundreds of students’ bands, Choir and orchestras from all over America travel to Gatlinburg. Besides the ordinary competitions, there many performance activities where student bands can show case their talents. For Gatlinburg, musical events run throughout the year. So, any time of the year is good time for your band to travel to Gatlinburg and have a blast. Here are some great performance opportunities you might want to grasp when you visit Gatlinburg.

The Smokey Mountain Music Festival

The Smokey Mountain music festival is one of the biggest festivals in Gatlinburg. Many Gatlinburg band trips attend this event. Your band might want to be among the thousands of students from across the country who participate in the competitions. The band must comprise of elementary or high school students to be eligible for the competition. Your band may be a concert choir, drum line, winterguard, jazz band, orchestra or concert band. Considering the great numbers of bands participating in the competition, your band needs to practice thoroughly.Dollywood, music Performance Tours, performance opportunity

Dollywood’s summer celebrations

Each year, there is a summer festival at the Dollywood to celebrate American families, love and food. The park normally opens at 10a.m and ends at 10p.m. and it is filled with a lot of food, music and dance. This is great opportunity for your student music ensembles. You may book a performance with the event managers in either one of the two days set for the event.

Back-to-school pie eating contest

As schools resume in August, Gatlinburg has a special back-to-school pie eating contest to support the local schools. The event normally takes place in the popular parks such as the Aracde in Pigeon Forge or the Track Family Fun Park. Since the event involves kids, you might want to consider performing children musicals.

The Smokey Mountain Songwriter Festival

This is another major music festival in Gatlinburg, and another great performance opportunity for your band. The festivals take place in various places throughout Gatlinburg for five days. The venues include Ole Smokey Moonshine Holler and Sugarlands Shine Back Porch Stage. If you want to enter the competition list, register as early as possible to avoid being locked out. You may also register to perform in the free live music session. The festival is a great opportunity for your ensembles to interact and even co-write with hit writers in the country.

Music concert at the University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee offers more than 200 concerts and recitals every year, and they are open to the public. Although the performance is open for public, you have to register your ensemble early enough to secure a performance. The events are held in the halls on campus. You may check their website to find out the date that coincides with the days of your music trip.  Other options, would be to clinic some of their outstanding music department staff

For assistance with booking your Gatlinburg music performance tour trip, contact Peak Performance Tours.

Dance Tours in New York City

Whether you are a member of a dance group or a solo dancer, dance away and loose yourself in the city known for its American architecture and business philosophy combined with the European spirit and culture.
In New York everything is about diversity and uniqueness – busy city life as opposed to Central Park’s peace and calmness, expensive restaurants as opposed to hot-dog stands, going to the Hampton’s or ending up somewhere in Bronx, walking around as a natural born broker with a designer suit and tie or as a descendant of Bob Marley with dreads and shaggy clothes.
If you would like to be seen performing in New York, the main things to do if you don’t want to get disappointed when you begin a career of a dancer is to dream big but start with baby steps, and to try to organize your dance tours in one of many smaller theaters. In New York any kind of art-related work will find its way to the audience, so you will get the attention and may even deserve the applause if you do well.

Broadway theaters are numerous. Imagine 40 places of history, wooden floors and dusty curtains with their characteristic smell that lingers in your mind for all times, always bringing a feeling of light melancholy mixed with nostalgia. An interesting fact is that you have a better chance of succeeding in Broadway if you are a woman, so if you are in the mood for some laughter and vivid colors presented in scenery, costumes and make-up, go and see Mamma Mia.  take a tour of Radio City Music Hall to see where the Rockette’s call home, and maybe experience a dance day with their choreographer

Becoming a performer in the New York City’s Ballet is something reserved for the very few, but whether you are a classic or modern dancer, the art of movement nourished there asks for the perfection and there is no room for a wrong move. One of the things that will make you forget the present and loose yourself in a dream is the classic A Midsummer Night’s Dream, choreographed by George Balanchine and composed by Felix Mendelssohn, premiered in 1962.  Visit the Lincoln Center, home of the New York City’s Ballet and take a workshop.

New York offers a great number of workshops year-round at some of the famous studios in the city. Broadway Dance Center is utilized for a wide range of workshops from beginner’s to master’s level. Alvin Ailey Dance Studio is willing to share and expand its knowledge by working with kids as well as with adults. Broadway Classroom presides in providing educational experience for student groups visiting New York City and wanting to learn more about the art of movement.
If you are more of an adventurer and a free spirit and you would like to lighten the day of ordinary people using subway, you may want to ask around about the possibilities for street performing at one of the stations and even make it one of your regular dance tours once you have become famous. The beauty about expressing yourself in this manner is that you get an immediate and direct reaction from people’s faces and comments.
Is the choice going to be stage lights or subway lightning? The performance will have to be unique to get noticed; the only difference is whether you like to improvise or follow strict rules.

Contact Peak Performance Tours for a Dance Tour to remember.

Band Performances in our Nation’s Capitol

Our Nation’s capitol – can there really be a better time to visit than near Memorial Day? People will say – the cherry blossom festival or Fourth of July. And true enough those are impressive times in DC, but Memorial Day is something quite different. First off, and for those of us in the travel industry, very important. Lots of people LEAVE DC this weekend. Creating, by comparison, an easy commute around the city. At the same time lots of people COME TO DC this weekend. Most of them are Veterans who are coming to pay their respects at various memorials and services. Rolling Thunder, the Vietnam Veterans motorcycle event is aptly named and breath taking in it’s scope. So it was with great enthusiasm that I waited at the Navy Memorial for my band from NJ to arrive.Performance tour, music trip, performance opportunity, band trip

And arrive they did – right on time and ready to go. This group turned out to be one of the most supportive and disciplined groups I have every had the pleasure to work with. The director is a woman of vision and confidence and has created a group that truly functions from top to bottom with shared responsibility. The Navy Memorial was the site of their first performance, and if you haven’t been there – you really must go. It is beautifully constructed and makes for a wonderful outdoor performance space. The band played a series of patriotic numbers and in the audience were many WWII Veterans. It was a magical moment to see them appreciate the efforts of these kids and see the kids and chaperones appreciate the sacrifices and service of these soldiers and their families. From there it was off to the Smithsonians for lunch and exploration followed by dinner at Buca di Beppo – where there is never a shortage of food and fun! We were joined by a step-on guide who proceeded to lead us on a tour of the Korean, Lincoln, Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr and WWII memorials. Her knowledge and passion were infectious and even though they had had a very long day, the students were attentive and engaged throughout.

Day 2 dawned crisp and cool with the promise of a beautiful warm day. We began at the Capitol for a guided tour and then had time for visiting another of the Smithsonians before heading over to the Jefferson Memorial for the second performance of the trip. They played with great enthusiasm and respect and drew quite a crowd and wonderful applause. From there we jumped on the bus and headed to the Spy Museum to don new identities and enter the world of espionage! A few air ducts and lip stick guns and shoe phones later it was off to Toby’s dinner theater for Shrek the musical. This is an intimate theater in the round and the cast was top notch and the production entertaining from beginning to end. A well fed, tired and happy group of people boarded the bus at the end of the performance ready to hit the hay when we returned to our hotel in Alexandria.

Day 3 proved to be another beautiful day! We arrived at Six Flags America in time to prepare for a parade through the park just as it opened. Three very different performance opportunities, all executed beautifully and with precision and enthusiasm. The quickest change known to man was followed by re-entry into the park for 6 fun filled hours of riding the rides and playing games of chance! I waved goodbye to a happy bus load of people ready to take a nap as they made their way home to NJ. A great band performances, great trip, with great kids and great chaperones in a great city – one of those trips that makes working for Peak Performance Tours such a great job!

Virginia Beach for your next Band Trip Destination

Virginia Beach a great band trip destination! Maybe that isn’t the most common marketing slogan we come across for Virginia Beach, but it certainly is the truth. Just back from a great trip with the Ridgewood High School Band and Indoor Guard. We had a great hotel on the bay in Virginia Beach with great water views and a private beach. Can’t ask for more than that, can you? Sure you can – you can have days packed full with performances, clinics and tourist opportunities! Day 1 was all about getting the group down there and settled in the hotel.

Music Performance tour, Virginia Beach, Music Festivals

Day 2 dawned bright and clear and we headed out to Colonial Williamsburg for the Concert Band and the Wind Ensemble to perform at Merchant’s Square. It was a bright and breezy and we had a nice crowd as they played. Including meeting two alums of Ridgewood from the 40’s and 50’s who just happened to be visiting Colonial Williamsburg as well. From there it was off to Busch Gardens for rides, rides and more rides! We did have a little bit of severe weather that caused us to leave a bit early but we did have a good time anyway. Safe and dry in the buses we headed for the 2014 International Tattoo presented by the Virginia Arts Council in Norfolk. The variety of military precision bands and drill teams was amazing to behold and the entire production was seamlessly put together and a great night of entertainment. Back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep before another full day of activities!

Day 3 we had another yummy breakfast before heading out to William and Mary for a clinic with Paul Bhasin. Not only is the campus just beautiful but the clinics were so inspiring and educational. From there it was a bit of time to tour Colonial Williamsburg and get some lunch, another beautiful day in Virginia! The jazz band and indoor guard headed to Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach while the rest of the group went to the Virginia Air and Space. John Toomey came to work with the two jazz bands and what a treat to watch such amazing artist and educator work with these kids. The guard had 90 minutes with Michael Johnson and then they did their routine for the rest of group when they arrived after visiting the air and space museum. They did a great job and really enjoyed their time with Michael. After a BBQ dinner out on by the Tallwood band parents, we loaded up the buses and headed over to the Town Center for performances by both of Ridgewood jazz bands and Tallwood’s jazz band. It was a great night of jazz and particularly special because the director from Tallwood is an alum from Ridgewood. So great to see the all of these music educators passing on their passion and talent to all these kids.

Day 4 was time to check out and head for the National Museum of the Marine Corps for all the small ensemble performances. Percussion, flute, sax and brass ensembles all had the opportunity to play in the beautiful atrium of this museum. Such a great space to hear these amazing groups resonate throughout the museum. The museum itself is beautifully laid out and it was a lovely performance and a great way to end the performance aspect of the trip. From there it was time to become an audience instead of the performers so off we went to hear the President’s Own Marine Band in Alexandria, VA. As expected it was a truly remarkable performance and a terrific way to end a busy and exhilarating trip!

Nashville Y’All for your Choir and Orchestra Tour

Nashville Y’All

What a tremendous start to my spring travel season! Nashville is such a beautiful city with a great music scene, but has a small town feel. The choir and orchestra arrived on a beautiful Thursday morning and after breakfast we hit the pavement for an historical walking tour. The guide was so knowledgable and we learned about the connection between the planning of Nashville and Athens. The grand scale of the architecture, paying homage to that great city, all of a sudden seemed so approachable. And to hear about the Civil Rights movement events that took place in Nashville as we were sitting in front of the court house, was so impactful for all of us. From there we headed to Vanderbilt University for two outstanding clinics. The clinicians were so detail orientated and by the end each group had made great gains in preparation for a recording session later in the day. We took a few hours off to get some lunch and have the students decompress after their clinics and then it was off to the famous RCA Studio B for tours and recording sessions. As you drive down Music Row, you can almost hear the sounds of all the great artists that built the music scene in Nashville. So much history in these simple and intimate recording studios. Despite having ridden on a bus for 13 hours and been on the go all day, the groups focused and delivered really great performances during their sessions and everyone goes home with their own CD. Could there be a better souvenir?! After all that work it was off to Dave and Busters for some food and fun!Music Tours, Performance in Nashville, Music Festivals

Day 2 started off a little breezy and chilly – but that southern sun shone bright and it warmed up into a beautiful day. We headed to the Country Music Hall of Fame where we toured the museum and then set up on the plaza for the performances. They attracted a big crowd who were treated to some great orchestral selections as well as offerings from the full choir, the chamber choir and the men’s and women’s a-ccapella groups. From there it was off to the Wildhorse Saloon for a barbecue meal (I mean we are in TN, after all) and some awesome line dancing. You get a high school choir, a big dance floor and a line dance instructor and you are in for a lot of fun!! From there we walked over to the Rymann Auditorium, the original home of the Grand Ole Opry. The history of the building is very impressive, but it is the acoustics that are the real star. The curved walls, high ceiling and wooden pews create just a spectacular sound. A walk through “the district” took us to the riverfront and then to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner before heading over to the friday night show at the Grand Ole Opry. What a production that is – no one in our group had ever been there before, and it was enjoyed be each and every one of us. We were lucky to see some true veterans of country music as well as be there for Michael Ray’s debut. Another great day, time to hit the hay!

Day 3 was also the same day as the Country Music Marathon and so our events were scheduled on the outskirts of Nashville to avoid any traffic closures. I don’t think any of us were too disappointed not to be running 26.2 miles as it was quite warm, and Nashville is surprisingly hilly! We started at the Belle Meade plantation. A beautiful property that was, in it’s time, the number one Thorough Bread Horse breeding location in the country. The original log house, a few out buildings, the carriage house and mansion are all available to be toured and the docents are extremely knowledgable. From there we headed out to Opry Mills for lunch and some down time before a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry. Which was especially fun having just seen the show the night before. Everyone got to stand in the famous circle in center stage and those dressing rooms are none to shabby! We then boarded the General Jackson Riverboat for a dinner cruise. It was a beautiful night to be heading down the cumberland river and the entertainment was very high energy. A perfect way to end the trip!

Super City, Super Students, Super Fun for their Choir and Orchestra Tour!!