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Boston Class Trips: Best 4 Science Destinations for Students


This year, why not take your science students on a Boston class trip? Not only is the city historic and full of life, it’s also home to attractions that will get your students thinking.

Museum of Science

Take the Museum of Science for instance. It covers a vast array of scientific topics, including nanotechnology and green energy. Students can also explore those topics in a variety of ways. Those methods include on-hands activities, interactive displays, static exhibits, overnight programs and special events. If you do decide to take the kids to the Museum of Science, we’d suggest planning on spending the entire day. Refreshments are available onsite.

MIT Museum

The MIT Museum is another Boston class trip venue that we would recommend considering. Not surprisingly, its exhibits and student workshops focus heavily on technology. The museum also hosts and sponsors special science events throughout the year.

Cambridge Science Festival

One of those special events is the Cambridge Science Festival. It traditionally takes place each year in April. This year’s event is slated to run from the 18th through the 27th. Depending on the children’s ages and science skills, they may be able to participate in the event organizers’ programs and challenges. Among the programs on offer for 2014 are the Robot Zoo, Central Elements, Game Corner and the Curiosity Challenge.

Laser Quest

When you’re ready to let the kids blow off steam, you may want to take them to Laser Quest. It’s a laser tag facility with an educational element. The educational element involves lectures on topics like laser lights, optics, electromagnetic principals and the law of refractions. There’s also an area where the kids can enjoy a catered meal.

To learn more about these Boston class trip destinations and others, please contact us at (800) 220-0165. Our tour planners can assist educators and group leaders alike in planning customized trips for students of all ages.Let students blow off some steam at the exciting Laser Quest in Boston!


Educational Tours: Learning about the Immigrant Experience


Educational Tours may not necessarily be at the top of the list when it comes to what students want to do on a class trip, but then again, it is a class trip, right? A trip to that part of America that first transformed from the site of immigration entry into the center of what America came to mean offers students (and teachers) the perfect opportunity to learn that America is the the country it is today thanks in large part to the influence of immigrants.

The National Park system has recognized the continuing and unabated dispensation of the best that those born the farthest away have made to democracy. If you want to give students a real portrait of the history of immigration in America, schedule visits to these National Park system historical sites as part of a class trip. 

Castle Clinton National Monument: New York, New York

Ellis Island gets all the press, but there is another National Park historical site in the Big Apple that served duty as a depot processing immigrants into the dream factory that is America. Castle Clinton National Monument does serve duty as a soldier in your tour of National Park units devoted to increasing understanding of immigration in America. For those students not particularly excited about the prospect of educational tours, don't forget to mention that over the course of its long history, the site of this National Monument has also been both an entertainment complex and aquarium. Castle Clinton National Monument became a tribute to the glories of immigrant contribution somewhere between the entertainment complex and the aquarium. Once you have completed the guided tour of this National Park unit, you can very quickly up the ante on this educational tour by hopping on a ferry to in the much more famous memorial to the immigrant experience.

Statue of Liberty National Monument: New York, New York

Statue of Liberty National Monument actually encompasses perhaps the two most famous historical sites within the purview of National Park system sites dedicated to the immigrant experience. What educational tour of New York City would not be complete without meeting Lady Liberty herself? This is especially true for an education tour devoted to increasing understanding of the immigrant experience. The Statue of Liberty stands proudly in the middle of the harbor as a welcoming beacon to millions of people who can trace their lineage back to the arrival of immigrant parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and beyond. It can be easy to forget that the Statue of Liberty is a celebration of immigration. Until you actually visit Statue of Liberty National Monument.

For those students who may still not quite grasp the consequence of what she stands for, the next stop on this educational tour should more than punctuate the significance. One mile to the north of Lady Liberty sits Ellis Island. Yes, Ellis Island is part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument. As far as educational tours for students on a class trip goes, Ellis Island may be the most important stop when it comes to gaining a fuller picture of the immigrant experience. Only the student who is the very definition of being too cool for school trips could possibly take in the amazing psychic energy that still pervades this entry point for millions and millions of new Americans without coming to a greater appreciation of the contribution to this country of those who were born in another country.

Lowell National Historical Park: Lowell, Massachusetts

One question that can be far better answered with an educational tour than through classroom instruction is the query of what, exactly, was the immigrant experience in America after they made their way through the gates of Ellis Island? Your students can get a tactile answer to that question visiting the Lowell National Historical Park. The 137 acres that make up this historic site is an actual textile mill from the 19th century and provides an authentic glimpse into the daily life of those who came from abroad in search of the American Dream. What this unit of the National Park system ultimately reveals is that the American Dream very often resulted in waking up as an immigrant laborer cog in the factory machinery that was helping the Industrial Revolution change only everything about the United States. The Lowell National Historic Park provides insight into not just what it was like for immigrants to work in factories, but also what it was like to survive in mill worker housing and to be a female worker with very little rights in the face of male-dominated management.

If you would like to schedule education tours for your class trips, don't hesitate to contact us for any reason.The Statue of Liberty is a great place for a history class to visit!


3 Day class trip to Boston


Class trips are always fun, especially if you are traveling to another state or city for over-night stay. Boston is one of the most renowned and preferred city for educational class trips in middle school students. Although, you can plan an over-night trip to Boston, but it may not give you enough exposure and learning experience since the city of Boston has a lot to offer, for which you need at least 3 to 4 day trip. It is always good to have the help of a tour company to make your learning experience even more remarkable.

What to do in Boston trip?

Boston is a great city that serves different activities for individuals of all age groups and interests. For students and young adolescents, the beautiful city of Boston offers recreational class trips:

-          Freedom trail: it is one of the most visited attractions of Boston that is full of historic and learning monuments like USS Constitution. Most students would love to see sites like Old North Church and New England aquarium. Walking trail has historic importance and very few people know that this trail is among the first few of the American tour trails. For history students, this trail will orient you to the glamorous and rich American history of past 2 decades.

-    Riding the duck: See the whole city on an amphibious duck boat.  Your tour guide will educate you about the history of many sites in Boston, take you on a water ride of the CharlesRide the duck for your next college tour or class trip River and create soem very fun opportunities.  Some of their stops include: Bunker Hill, Old North Church, the U.S.S. Constitution and much more.

-   Museums: Boston offers something for every type of class and students, be it history, science, botany or International politics.  One great experience is the John F. Kennedy Museum and Library, an architectural wonder in Boston

-  Prudential Tower Deck: this huge sky-scrapper offers you a view of the beautiful and lively city of Boston and enhances your learning and educational tour experience. Preferably, visit the deck during early evening time to enjoy the fullest. It is a great spot to take pictures and also to make some unforgettable memories with your class-mates.College Tours in Boston include MIT, Harvard, Boston University and more

-  Universities: Boston is the home to a great many world renowned Universities.  Take a college tour and have an opportunity to discuss college life with their students.  Some of the most notable Universities are Harvard, Boston College Boston University, New England Conservatory of Music and MIT.

-  The Performing Arts: Orchestras, Theatre performances and Murder Mysteries are just part of what make of the Arts in Boston.  Come see the World renowned Boston Symphony, watch a Broadway Show on tour, experience the hip rhythmic show of Blue Man Group or be a part of the Murder Mystery in Shear Madness.

-  Six flags New England: amazing park with great scenic beauty and blossoming flowers is a great getaway after all the study related stress you have to go through at your schools. For class trips and educational tours, Six flags is one of the most desirable spot for students as you can eat different cuisines, enjoy rides and also be a part of some remarkable events (depending on which month you are visiting); however, there is always some activity going on for amusement of school kids.

See all that Boston has to offer and let Peak Performance put together a perfect tour package for you.


Boston Duck Tours - Fun Student Travel activity


At Peak Performance Tours, every trip to Boston includes the exceptional student tour activity - The Boston Duck ToursBoston Duck Tours for student tour groups.  They LOVE students! They've worked with student tours for almost 20 years and they offer the most exciting way to learn about the history of a WWII replica amphibious vehicle.  Imagine driving through the city of Boston in a bright pink or polka dot Duck learning about Freedom, Fun and Firsts.  Their ConDUCKtors are in character and costume and bring history to life in a fun, interactive way. They cover famous firsts – did you know Boston had the first Chocolate Factory, Public Library and Subway System…just to name a few. They also point out interesting architecture and points of interest. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, your Duck drives right into the Charles River and we begin the water portion of your tour. From the Charles we see the most beautiful views of the Boston and Cambridge skylines, talk about how the River is now so clean that it’s considered swim-able and we even let students drive the Duck!  Not many people can say they went from land to water in the same vehicle.

The Ducks have interesting histories – they were built for WWII to transport troops and supplies from ship to shore, often times during combat. Now, they are used for sightseeing Boston Duck Tours - Educational student Toursin Boston. They’ve also become Boston’s official ChampionSHIP – they’ve carried the World Champion Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins through the City of Boston for their championship parades!

They also offer many great student travel packages with fellow attractions, museums, theaters and restaurants.  We want everyone who comes to Boston to not only enjoy a great group tour, but also a great day or week in one of America’s most beloved cities.


Ghosts, Goblins and Paul Revere? Boston Senior Class Trips.


As a Peak Performance Tours escort, we get to experience many great cities in the U.S. and one of the best in terms of accessibility to activities and a plethora of history is Boston.

I just returned from a four-day high school senior class trip in “Beantown”, as the Bostonians call it in honor of New England’s favorite candy, the Boston Baked Bean.  The student groupBoston duck, student tour, senior class trip  tour  began with their bus arrival at the Prudential Center in the “Back Bay” area of Boston, famous for its brownstone homes, cobbled streets, and upscale shopping,  and where the group  had lunch before getting on their “DuckTour” of the city.  The Boston Duck Tours take you around in  amphibious vehicles that drive you through the streets of Boston on a guided tour ending with a “splash” in the famous Charles River where you can see both the Boston and Cambridge skylines at the same time.  Camera’s were clicking away and a few of our students got to drive the vehicle on the Charles River.  After the Duck Tour,  we then headed to the hotel to freshen up and from there went dinner at Fire & Ice Restaurant, a dining experience where you pick your own ingredients and its cooked in front of you.   A great spot for everyone including the  vegetarian, kosher or gluten free eater.    Following dinner we went to see the Blue Man Group show. Who would have thought 3 bald  blue guys would put on a wow of a show but hey sure did and it  was  a great way to end our first day.   

Day 2 would be an educational tour day for sure.  We started with the JFK Presidential Library and Museum where you explore the documents, images and artifacts of the  JFK Library, Boston, Class tripsKennedy family and the Kennedy administration years as you  walk through what appears to be a wing of the White House starting with actual footage of the campaign trail to the day of his assassination.  From civil rights to NASA, it is an incredible display of modern day history during the Kennedy years.   For lunch we headed over to Faneuil Hall  Marketplace, where the Quincy Market building holds a colonnade of food choices from ice cream to lobster!   The Rose Kennedy Park allows you to easily walk over to the North End if you are looking for authentic Italian food and cooking ingredients.  You’ll feel like you’re in Italy.  Lots of great photo ops here too!   We then headed over to the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the most comprehensive art museums in the world and who’s general public opening birthday happens to be July 4, 1876!  Students explored many exhibits and definitely a paradise for the art lover. Next would be dinner at the Hard Rock Café followed by a New England Ghost Night Tour where  we toured the Freedom Trail at night by lantern with actual paranormal investigator guides filling us in on the darker side of Boston.  Boston Dinner Cruise, Class Trips, Educational Tours

Day 3 started out with a trip up to Salem, Massachusetts to enjoy the history of the witches and warlocks  at the Salem Witch and Wax Museums to the House of Seven Gables, home to the famous writer, Nathanial Hawthorne.  After lunch, which many enjoyed outside by the Harbor, we headed back to Boston to enjoy the New England Aquarium just before boarding the Spirit of Boston Dinner Cruise.  Lots of food and dancing for sure.

Alas, the last day, bags were packed and off we went to stop by Old Sturbridge Village which was on the way back home just west of Worcester, MA   Sturbridge Village is the country’s oldest and largest living  history museums depicting early New England life with historians in costume.  At the end of this tour, it was time to say good-bye as the group headed back to their home.  So many students came up to me to say that they never thought they would have so much fun on an educational trip.   They thought it was the best trip ever.    I bet Paul Revere is riding through the streets of Boston right now ringing, “the students are coming, the students are coming”………yes, they are!

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